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Complete OME KIT W/ Dakar Leafs & Shackles '05+ Xterra
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Complete OME KIT W/ Dakar Leafs & Shackles '05+ Xterra

Price per Unit (piece): $1 354.73
Number pieces in packaging:3
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Please note: Some OME products may be on a National backorder. Please allow 1-6+ weeks for more to ship

We offer the most complete OME kit on the market. All of our kits include rear axle degree shims to correct your pinion angle, thus reducing possible wear on your driveshaft and other drivetrain parts. Do it correct the 1st time buying from Nisstec!!

Fits 2005 and up Xterra
This Complete Lift Kit combines OME Front Coil Springs of your choice, front and rear valve matched OME Shocks, Old Man Emu Dakar rear leaf packs, and Rear Greasable Shackles. Everything you need to properly lift your Xterra.

Included in kit:
(2) Choice of Front OME coils *Choose: Med (607) or Heavy (608 120lb+ extra weight) load below*
(2) Front OME 90003 Nitrocharger Shocks
(2) Rear OME CS061R Dakar Leaf Packs
(2) Rear Greasable OME GS15 Shackles
(2) Axle degree shims for proper pinion and drive shaft angles
(2) Rear OME 60017 Nitrocharger Shocks
(4) Longer rear Ubolts W/ hardware
(1) Rear sway bar re-locate kit

Please choose from the following drop down items below


 --- Front Old Man Emu Coils ---
- OME 607 Stock/Light load Coil Springs-. ---  1.5-2" Lift

- OME 608 Heavy Load- 120+ lbs EXTRA Consistant Front Weight. ---  1.5-2" Lift 

 --- Front Camber/Caster Bolt Kit ---
- Add front Cam Bolt Kit to your order for a great alignment. Cam Bolts allow +/- 2 degrees camber/caster

 --- Front Old Man Emu Coil Overs Assembled ---
- We offer your front OME coils/shocks assembled for ease of install- Includes NEW: Top mounts, Coil Spring Isolators, Busings, and Hardware. This is a free service, cover cost of new OEM quality parts. Comes ready to bolt-on!

Rear Lift Springs

---- OME CS061R Dakar Rear Leaf Packs with Bushings (1.5" stock to light load)
--- OME CS061R XL Dakar Rear Leaf Packs with Bushings (2.5" stock to light load, 1.5" 440lb load)


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